Hi! I’m Sue. 

Dreamer,  Adventurer and the face of Sue Moodie Photography.  I am super excited that you have found your way here.  I pinch myself daily that I get to do this for a living and even more so, that I get to meet some pretty epic people. So, who am I? Foremost, I am a dog parent.  Yup, one of those crazy people who invest a lot of time into the needs of my herding dogs Zoe + Moose.  Thank goodness I also happen to be a wife to a fly fisherman because that ensures we spend a lot of time outside. Speaking of outdoors, I love the woods. Like really really love the woods. I also really love Pinesol.  The regular kind that smells super “woodsy”. I’m starting to see a connection here.  Humour and sarcasm are a very blurry line for me.  I love hashbrowns.  I am self-diagnosed OCD. My brain feels very relaxed when I see geometric shapes and perfect lines.  I write with a ruler. Everything with a ruler, even if the page has lines on it.  I then go back and fill in the bottoms to all of my letters.  You need to see it to believe it. I love life. I love being around people who love life.  I’m all about new adventures and capturing the moments that go along with your already incredible story.  Can you see yourself in my work? Are you one of those epic people I spoke about above? I have a funny feeling that you are, so let’s get in touch and create some new adventures.  

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