Calgary Wedding Photographer | Sue Moodie Photography | Katey + Sean

September 10th this year was an incredibly special day. The wedding of Katey + Sean was as close to perfection as one could possibly imagine.  I remember thinking back to how the day progressed with such beautiful ease.   Unfortunately, this isn't always how wedding days go.  But this day was perfect.  These two couldn't be more perfect for each other and you can definitely feel it from miles away.  Before meeting Katey, I thought that I was the funniest person I knew. But I think I may have met my match because this entire day was filled with laughter, shenanigans and even more hysterical laughter.  Normally my feet hurt after a long wedding day, but in this case, it was my face and my core, lol. Thank you both for the incredible amount of faith and trust that you put in me. Thank you to your family and friends for making us feel so included.  And a quick last big big thank you to my second shooter Candice Nadeau of Candy Koated Design Studio. You brought so much incredible value to this already incredible day.  Without further delay, a glimpse of Mr. & Mrs. Parker's wedding day. 🌿  Venue: Last Best Brewing & Distilling, Johnny's Barber + Shop Florals: Lindsay Nichols HMUA: Pur Hype + Sarah Allen, MUA Second Shooter: Candice Nadeau of Candy Koated Design Studio